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The newly installed theme now need to be activated in the Magento Admin panel. To make it your default store, you have to follow those steps:

Step 1: Navigate System > Configuration, open GENERAL > Design section

Step 2: In Design section, click to open tab Package, in the Current Package Name field, please enter the name of design package "arw_forward" (not including double quotes) then click Save Config button at the upper-right corner.



Note: If you have more than one store view (by default there's only one) in your Magento and you want to enable the theme for the entire site, make sure that you select Default Config under Current Configuration Scope. In the top right corner of this section. Otherwise, set the scope according to your needs.

Step 3: Flush Magento cache and any other cache you have in your Magento installation.

Browse your Magento store front to make sure the ARW Forward theme is working on it.

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