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Disable the cache:

Step 1: Navigate to System -> Cache Management

Step 2: Click to "Select All" link at the top left of the list

Step 3: Change Actions (at the top right of the list) from Refresh to Disable

Step 4: Click to Submit button

Question about Magento:

Elements such as category management, product management, checkout process, payment methods and many others are standard Magneto functionalities (not related to the theme) and are beyond the scope of our support. How to get Magento support:

If you have some questions about Magento itself, please refer to the following websites, almost every detail of Magento configuration was discussed there so you will find answers for most of your questions:

Magento forum -

Magento Stack Exchange - -

In the Online Magento Guide you can find all the basic Magento settings and many other useful information.

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